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The Flurry Blog – Mobile Application Analytics | iPhone Analytics | Android Analytics | I am a Bridge (Hugues Rey Blog)

Since sources are limited, selections developers create to support a certain platform signal confidence, because they spend their R&D budget exactly where that they expect your greatest return.? Further, since developers create analytics a quantity of weeks before shipping and delivery his or her final apps, Flurry features a glimpse in in order to the bets developers decide to make ahead of the market.
The over chart reveals that the majority of devices in the market operate Gingerbread, which is only the third newest iteration in the Android OS.? Honeycomb, a lot more optimized pertaining to tablets, along with Frozen Treats Sandwich, which usually place a new large amount of effort in for you to the user interface, have a combined 11% involving penetration in the market.? Froyo, which shipped before Honeycomb as well as Frozen Treats Sandwich, on your own features a higher share involving firmware penetration when compared with both newer, more advance firmware versions combined.? This specific implies that many customers are running on an Android operating system which is three for you to 4 iterations old.
The Flurry blog - Mobile Application Analytics | iPhone Analytics | Android Analytics.. ? That's similar to receiving a couple of platforms for the price of one.

iOS versus Android App Revenue

Android Operation System Fragmentation

Apple iPad versus Android tablets

Opposite to the efficiency Apple provides developers via their particular homogenous device base, Android fragmentation appears to become increasing, generating up complexity and price for developers.? Further, this fragmentation is actually concentrated primarily inside just smartphones, as there is certainly absolutely no significant Android tablet contender to the iPad.? Regarding Android, Flurry observes fragmentation along 2 significant vectors, devices and also firmware. ? As Well As as developers watch Apple as well as Google, the world ought to watch developers.
The chart above exhibits that will Apple is constantly on the garner more support coming from developers.? Pertaining To each as well as every 10 apps that developers build, approximately 7 tend to be regarding iOS.? Whilst Google produced a quantity of gains in Q1 2012, edging as significantly as over 30% for the very 1st time inside a year, we believe this is mainly credited to always be able to seasonality, as Apple traditionally experiences a spike throughout developer support leading up for the holiday season.? Apple"s company provides more observable seasonality.
Oh Captain, My Captain
At Flurry, we track developer assistance over the platforms that will compete for his or her commitment. ? Apple provides the most compelling "build once, operate anywhere" value proposition within the market today, delivering maximum consumer reach in order to developers for minimal cost.
Running any comparison associated with revenue generated simply by leading apps in each iOS as well as Android, Flurry calculates that the real difference inside revenue generated per active user is actually even now 4 times higher in iOS as compared to Android.? Regarding each $1.00 a developer earns about iOS, he can expect you'll earn with regards to $0.24 in Android.? These kinds of results mirror earlier findings from similar analysis Flurry conducted inside Q4 involving 2011 along with Q1 of 2012.

Android Fragmentation Pain
The Apple 2-for-1 Proposition

Money Matters
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This month, your world"s 2 largest mobile app platform providers, Apple along with Google, get into what specifically is arguably the most critical month of year for every company, when each and every hosts their own annual developer conference, the particular Apple Worldwide Developer Conference (WWDC) as well as Google I/O.? Whilst engaged inside a multi-year platform war, their own success mainly depends upon innovation deliver to their particular platforms through the 3rd party developer community.? In your event that your developer neighborhood embraces 1 platform more than the particular other, developers will construct the application in which infinitely extends the require for the customer experience, providing a new platform any meaningful edge.? The Actual perceived availability of a large, steady stream associated with substantial top quality apps is a crucial basis for customers to initially choose an Android or even iOS device, after which to remain loyal.? Moreover, considering the fact that the actual mobile marketplace is one of the leading sectors within the worldwide economy, the outcome associated with both of these conferences can easily mostly impact the fate associated with a couple of associated with the nearly all prolific, innovative forces inside the world"s economy today.? ? Combined, Apple and also Google have a market cap of approximately three quarters of a trillion dollars.

At the conclusion in the day, developers operate businesses, and companies search for markets where income opportunities are usually highest and in addition the expense associated with building as well as distributing will be lowest.? Within short, Android delivers much less gain and more pain compared to iOS, which usually we believe is the key reason 7 out of every 10 apps built in the new economy are for iOS instead of Android.
This statement compares developer assistance for iOS versus Android along with explores the particular underlying elements that could explain different levels associated with developer loyalty.? We use the data set collected by simply Flurry Analytics, now powering consumer insights regarding more than 70,000 companies across greater than 185,000 mobile apps.? Each As Well As Every day, Flurry tracks more than 1.2 billion anonymous, aggregated finish user sessions across more than one hundred million unique devices.? each month, Flurry tracks over 36 billion finish user sessions across a lot a lot more than any 500 million devices, any range which is greater than 60% of Facebook"s month-to-month active user base.

The chart over exhibits the actual quantity of consumer application sessions across the top twenty Android devices in Might 2012.? 4 significant OEMs " Samsung, Motorola, HTC as well as Amazon " possess Android devices inside the leading 20.? 17 regarding the really best twenty hold a reveal of 6% as well as fewer, among the really best 20, meaning that will each as well as every extra device any developer supports will deliver only a little boost in distribution coverage.? However, on Android, each devices and firmware give rise to fragmentation, thus let"s look at firmware fragmentation next.
Android Device Fragmentation

Over the particular next a pair of weeks, the particular momentum of two in the world"s the majority of innovative, influential as well as prolific technologies companies will probably be impacted by the reaction of the development community for their conferences, Apple WWDC along with Google I/O. Android Programs Started">
Among the reasons iOS appears a lot more attractive to developers is the dominance by Apple within the tablet category.? Certainly Not just really does Apple offer a large, homogenous smartphone base with regard to that to construct software, but throughout addition when developers develop pertaining to smartphones, their apps run using Apple"s iPad tablets as well. Developers Are Usually Still Constructing Pertaining To Apple's iOS over Android By way Of A Aspect Associated With 2-to-1. When companies generate new projects in Flurry Analytics, they will download platform-specific SDKs regarding their own apps. (techcrunch.com)50.8196114.415531About these ads
The pie chart higher than demonstrates just just how much Apple dominates the particular tablet category.? Your Galaxy Tab and also Amazon Kindle Fire maintain extremely distant 2nd along with third locations inside relation to consumer usage.? For You To develop your chart, Flurry aggregated total worldwide user sessions across the first 5 weeks with the year, January via May.
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The Flurry blog – Mobile Application Analytics | iPhone Analytics | Android Analytics | I'm the Bridge (Hugues Rey Blog)
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